Eggs & Politics - Episode 1: Local Elections 2019

A Sunday bank holiday afternoon treat! Rosalyn and I have brought back Eggs & Politics, mostly to be doing something fun and challenging, but also because we decided to tweak things a little. Not much, it's still slightly scrappy, and probably with some hesitant / slightly inaccurate info, but that's probably part of the fun. But episodes should be a bit shorter and with one main topic and a lighter-hearted one. This one is about local elections and drinking on public transport, as ever from the UK and US perspectives. Also, do excuse the audio levels, but let us know what you think overall. Feedback is good and we want to improve this so that it's enjoyable, and occasionally informative and useful, for everyone.

In upcoming episodes, we'll want to get some people from other countries with their points of view on things, and we've got a couple more ideas in the works. Were also going to try and put it on a couple of actual podcast-y platforms for everyone's ease. Happy listening!