Praise Be! GDPR Is Good For My Self-Esteem

Well isn't this nice! Like a lot of people who have to deal with newsletters for companies (two in my case), I wrote a lot of words about GDPR recently. Thankless though that task largely was - simply adding to the crushing stress of regular scheduling - I did get one bit of nice feedback.

"You guys might've sent my favorite GDPR email yet so far (and I myself am working on this topic specifically!) I loved your subject line, the content, the clarity. 

I just wanted to say that because I know how everyone is slogging through these changes, so I just wanted to give you some positive feedback. :)

Happy GDPR-mageddon!"

And happy it was.

Here's the full text I wrote, in case anyone cares:

Subject: The last you'll hear about GDPR (from us, at least)


It's GDPR-ageddon, which means that new EU regulations about data collection and privacy come into force on Friday 25 May, which has been fun for everybody today.

You're receiving this email because you have registered an account with and / or have purchased an item from the Xtra Mile shop. Thank you, by the way! You truly are appreciated and basically we want you to be happy as can be forever.

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You may unsubscribe at any time from either / both of these lists.

We've also made some updates to our Privacy Policy to make it extra clear to you how we collect, use and protect your personal data. There's nothing you need to do here, however we would encourage you to take a few moments to read through the policy.

And finally:

  • Mailchimp's privacy policy is over here.
  • Squarespace provides the blog (XMR HUB), news pages and other aspects of that aren't related to the shop. We do not capture any personal data through Squarespace. Squarespace's privacy policy is over here.

Thanks very much for your patience and precious time...only a few more hours of this to go!

Much love,

The Xtra Mile Family